termux.sahilister.in, a Termux Mirror Is Live Now

termux.sahilister.in, a termux mirror is live now.

To use it, termux-change-repo (part termux-tools package) can be used to modify sources. Doing apt edit-sources and using the following lines, would achieve the same purpose:

# main
deb https://termux.sahilister.in/apt/termux-main stable main

# root
deb https://termux.sahilister.in/apt/termux-root root stable

# X11
deb https://termux.sahilister.in/apt/termux-x11 x11 main

The mirror is hosted on Contabo, in Germany, and syncs with upstream every 6 hours.

Since the time I got in servers and hosting, I wanted to help the community by hosting a free software mirror, but most required too much storage or already had an abundant number of mirrors. Recently, I got to know about termux and saw the less number of its mirrors. Thought that this might be the right candidate for a mirror, I started setting it up. A Reddit reply from termux dev team member and ‘A New Termux Mirror’ post by Librehat, another mirror operator, made the setup a breeze. Finally, I opened an issue on termux-packages repo to get it added in official mirrors wiki and package.

Update - The termux mirror has been moved domain. It now can be accessed at http://mirrors.sahilister.in/termux.