Quick-wiki: Style Guide

Quick-wiki: Style Guide

Faced some confusion about styling so wrote a good practices style guide for my usage. Much inspiration was taken from the University of Oxford style guide as well as my early day posts.

When in doubt, consult the style guide :D

Table of Content


Second level (##) heading for ToC or other introductions. Other headings will have third level (###).

Another level can be done with fourth level (####) heading though it essentially is a word which is bold.

Table of Content

For sequential steps use numbers in bullets (ordered list), dash for others (unordered list).

Full stops in bullets only for long sentence.


Comments can be added to markdown file which won’t be displayed on the page. Format:

<!-- ...comments       -->


Code blocks should be done like this (no space in end backticks):

 // ... code block
 ` ``

Supported language codes. Highlight specific line and add line numberings format1:

 ```lang-code {linenos=table,hl_lines=[8, "11-13"],linenostart=199}
// ... code
 ` ``

Quote line

Quoted sentences should be double quoted and in italics. Before starting sentence, it should have a long dash.

Ex - I followed up with – “The next time you hear me say you’re stubborn. Just say – no, I’m just persistent.2


Format for books, website or author citation:

> add the citation text here.
multi-lines can also be done.

> — <cite>Source[^1]</cite>

[^1]: ["title"](link). _Source_

Use ZoteroBib for generating citations reference information. Remove access date.

Images and credits

For images, add alt text:

![Alt text for screen readers](URL)

Format for credits:

         <div style="text-align: center">
	 <a href="image_source">image_caption</a> by
	 <a href="creater_link">creator_name</a> under
         <a href="license_link"> license_name </a> </div>

Articles on attribution best practices by Creative Commons and New Media Rights.


No space or full stops after it.

Hindi typing

Presently, I’m using/prefering (origial) inscript keyboard layout for both mobile and laptop typing using ibus and ibus-m17n packages.

Inscript keyboard layout

Inscript layout. Copyright © TDIL under fair dealing. Click to enlarge

Inscript keyboard physical image on Wikipedia.

Cultural creations, websites and emails

Italics and capitalize for books/album/films/website names.

If a chapter/song/article/titles from a large creation is called, single quotes without italics is used.

Emails - mail@example.com

Numbers, time and dates

Spell numbers upto ten, figures for numbers above ten.

Use figures and symbols for percentages, measurements and currency.


Notes, side notes and updates should be italics. Updates and edit notices should follow the format:

Full stops outside brackets with an exception where the sentence starts and end inside brackets.

Menu options to be followed should be in format:

Application -> Install -> Communication

Checklist and multilevel checklist can be done with following syntax:

- [ ] First
- [X] Second
    - [X] Sub-second
- [ ] Third

  1. Highlight options ↩︎

  2. Text and style addition inspirated from A Learning a Day’s article↩︎