Simple IRC Bouncer using The Lounge

Simple IRC Bouncer using The Lounge

I use matrix services to communicate online and to bridge into IRC channels. So the other day, Element was giving some trouble, and I was into a long conversation with someone on IRC. To access IRC, I found “The Lounge” in my Yunohost instance directory. Yunohost is a Debian distribution one can say, which provides a Web GUI to manage and install application with a few clicks doing the heavy work for you with less to non server knowhow.

Coming back to IRC bouncer, this aforementioned steps can help you setup a free IRC bouncer (through AWS EC2 free tier). You can simply login into a web interface to access IRC. There not much to do other than getting YunoHost up and this can be completed in about 30-40 minutes.


Install and configure Yunohost

Install The Lounge


PS: The Lounge can be installed on Heroku also I believe but Heroku instances (free tier) go on sleep on 5 minutes of inactivity, so persistence can suffer. Feel free to correct me by firing a mail :) .

PSS: Other ways to install The Lounge can be found here.