To Zinda Ho Tum

To Zinda Ho Tum

Video Credit - T-Series

Rough Translation:

If you’re moving with eagerness in your heart,

then you’re alive!

If you have sparks of dreams in your eyes,

then you’re alive!

Learn to be free like gusts of wind,

Learn to flow like river,

Meet each moment with open arms,

Every moment these eyes look at a new weather,

If you’re moving with bewilderment in your eyes,

then you’re alive!

If you’re moving with eagerness in heart,

then you’re alive!


Yesterday I was browsing Atul Chitnis’s blog. He had posted Toh Zinda Ho Tum by Javed Akhtar. Reading it, I felt how much I love these lines, how different I feel every time listening to these lines, hence decided posted it here.

Poems in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara are gems in themselves. Beautifully penned by the Great Javed Akhtar and narrated by Farhan Akhtar. Listen to the complete playlist; on Invidious here or on YouTube here.

PS: The embed uses Invidious (, an open source, privacy respecting front end to YouTube instead of official YouTube embed. To know about my dilemma about not embedding YouTube into my blog (for privacy reasons) and finally using Invidious to achieve it, read here.

PSS: The creator of Invidious, Omar Roth stepped away from the project, my thoughts about it can be found here.