Duckduckgo bangs!

Duckduckgo bangs!

Apart from privacy centric, non-profiled search results; bangs are one of the more underrated features offered by Duckduckgo (now also available on Bangs are shortcuts that take you to search results on other sites. Right now there’re more than 13,500 bangs available.

Syntax for bang - !bang SEARCH-TERM

Example - !w Linux , it will get you to Wikipedia’s Linux entry.

Note - Examples here assume that you’re on Duckduckgo or have it as default search engine.

Some other example are:

And to search for bang for your favorite site, !bang favorite-site

If a site’s bang isn’t available, simply submit new bangs here.

Bangs can be used as shortcuts too. Instead of typing , only typing !yt would do the same.

My bangs:

Fun fact - The company name is a reference to the children’s game duck, duck, goose. 1

  1. From Washington Post’s article - “Ducking Google in search engines” ↩︎